купити весільні туфлі

About where to buy wedding shoes

We talk so often about dresses and their advantages that we forget about an equally important part of the image – shoes. After all, buying wedding shoes that are beautiful and comfortable requires effort too. Although, on the other hand, you have the DreamDress salon, which has everything that a bride might need.

Bride’s shoes: what wedding shoes to buy

A win-win option would be to buy low-heeled wedding pumps. They will emphasize a graceful gait and secure the foot, which will allow the bride not to stumble.

Like all heeled shoes, this one also has its own psychological effect – instantly forcing you to straighten your posture, which immediately makes the girl more attractive!

Also worth including on the list:

  • Open shoes or high-heeled sandals;
  • Comfortable ballet shoes (to change into during a wedding dance and other competitions);
  • Bright ankle boots;
  • Dressy ankle boots;
  • Comfortable and elegant boots.

Many girls face the problem of choosing shoes. It happens that during fitting you will feel some discomfort. In this case, it is better to immediately put the pair back on the shelf and buy wedding shoes exclusively by size.

But what definitely makes us happy is that now girls are making fewer and fewer sacrifices and are abandoning huge heels in favor of comfort.

Important points when choosing a heel:

Shoes should match the style of the wedding and the location of the celebration. That is, if your wedding will take place somewhere on the beach, then shoes with heels are not the best option.

Also don’t forget about growth! If you and your fiancé are the same height, then you might want to give up the heels. Here the choice is yours.

We were able to list you a sufficient number of important points so that you could buy wedding shoes correctly, but we still didn’t tell you where exactly to buy them! There is only one answer – in Dream Dress, here you can communicate with specialists who will certainly help you make the right choice! Therefore, do not delay, but sign up for a fitting right now at the specified number: +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888.