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An exquisite evening dress is a real jewel. What can decorate a woman more than a stunning outfit in which she can feel like a queen. An evening dress turns each of us into a charming creature from whom it is impossible to take our eyes off. CAT ORANGE designers never cease to amaze with new original solutions, amazing experiments and extraordinary offers for the fair sex. Everything is done to ensure that we never stop feeling perfect.

What awaits beautiful fashionistas today? A huge number of styles and colors, among which everyone will find the evening dress of their dreams. To do this, you need to look at all the dress models and choose the one that will beautifully complement your charming appearance, highlight your figure and help express your individuality.

The magical world of evening dresses
Almost all versions of evening dresses are popular, but in the 2020 season the following fashion trends can be distinguished:

Tapered at the hips and widened from the knees down – this style of evening dresses will look great on an ideal female figure.

Transparent inserts and lace in evening dresses are a touch of refined temptation and tenderness, as well as feminine charm.

Also in trend are styles of evening dresses with a deep neckline or bare back, which perfectly emphasize femininity and sexuality.

There is never too much beauty
Multi-layered fluffy evening dresses – they will be especially in demand this season. Designers create real masterpieces using unlimited imagination and using all kinds of resources.

Another fashion trend for 2020 is asymmetry. This style allows you to ideally hide all the flaws of a woman’s figure and highlight her advantages.

As for the length of the dress, it all depends on individual preferences. If you want to highlight your beautiful legs, choose a short dress or a long evening dress with a deep slit. There is a golden rule – you need to emphasize one thing in order to create some kind of feminine mystery and mystery. If you open both your legs and your décolleté at once, it will look a little vulgar.

Color – no problem with that at all. Modern evening dresses are presented in all sorts of colors. The main thing is to choose the right color that suits you. You mainly need to focus on the color of your skin, eyes and hair.

The most popular fabrics for evening dresses are silk, satin, chiffon, velvet, and brocade. Often there are combined dresses made from different fabrics.

It is difficult to list all the styles and colors of evening dresses; one can figuratively say that, as many women as there are, there are as many types of dresses. Therefore, you just need to look for your ideal evening outfit and conquer the hearts of others with it.


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