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Beautiful evening dresses made of velvet

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that used to be available only in narrow circles. Fortunately, now every beauty can try on an outfit made of this chic material. You just need to make an appointment for a fitting and visit the DreamDress salon. We have all kinds of evening dresses made of velvet at a very affordable price. Be sure, professional stylists-consultants will find something great for you!

Velvet evening dresses: types and features of the fabric

There are several types of velvet. It is distinguished by its composition, pile length, patterns, and overall appearance. These include:

  • corduroy;
  • velor;
  • pleated velvet;
  • mother of pearl;
  • chiffon-velvet;
  • devore;
  • lyon and others.

All of them are very pleasant to the touch, do not cause allergies, have an exquisite look even after washing, but they require proper care. So take care of it after making a purchase.

Velvet evening dresses look flawless at any occasion: weddings, birthdays, parties, as well as at official events and social gatherings. Therefore, if you choose to wear an outfit made of this fabric, you will definitely look stunning.

All the best models, cocktail and evening dresses made of velvet, are waiting for you in the DreamDress salon. Be sure to come for a fitting, but before that, call us at one of the following numbers +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888.