платье вечернее на свадьбу

Buy an evening dress for a wedding for mom: styles, colors and accessories

A daughter’s or son’s wedding is one of the most important days in a parent’s life. For such an occasion, you need a unique outfit, so the mother has a serious task. If you are in this situation now and don’t know what evening dress to buy, then contact DreamDress salon right now! Our professional stylists-consultants will help you create a complete and tasteful look.

What cut should I buy an evening dress for my mom for a wedding?

When choosing a dress for a child’s wedding, you should pay attention to its style. First of all, the cut should match your body shape. A perfectly tailored outfit should emphasize your strengths and mask your flaws.

If you tend to be overweight, avoid fitted clothes. If you have a pear-shaped figure, that is, wide hips, then buy an evening dress that is flared to the bottom and pay attention to the maxi length. Speaking of length, remember that it should match your height.

But if you are the owner of the most desirable female figure – the hourglass, then you are definitely lucky! Most likely, different styles will suit you, and even fitted ones.

Buy an evening dress for mom for a wedding: choose a color

The color of your dress is just as important as the cut. First of all, avoid white, because it is only for the bride. Of course, this dress code applies to all guests, but the mother of the bride should carefully adhere to it, because her role is special.

Most often, mothers of the groom or bride choose outfits in gray shades, beige, blue, purple or green. Of course, you can buy an evening dress in other colors as well. But in order to choose the right shade, you should definitely visit the DreamDress salon, where the best stylists will advise you.

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