золотистое свадебное платье

Golden wedding dress for the bride

We are used to the idea that a wedding dress must be in light colors, mostly white. But today is the 21st century, the century of experiments and atypical style. Styles and colors are taking on a new look and meaning. What used to be considered a cliché, or vice versa, unstable/horrible, is now a new trend that everyone is picking up. That’s why in this article we’re going to talk about the golden wedding dress. What do you think of this choice for a wedding?

Should you choose a golden wedding dress

It just so happens that we associate gold with wealth and luxury. However, not every lady can wear an outfit of this color, because it is quite demanding. The golden hue is perfect for girls with tanned skin and a warm color type. Redheads with freckles are also not “out of the running” – their type looks absolutely advantageous with any gold. Those who do look good in a golden wedding dress have hit the jackpot. The owners of this outfit should wear it with pride and head held high.

Also, this outfit goes well with the crimson-orange season – autumn. Therefore, if your wedding is scheduled for this time, the golden dress will merge very beautifully with the floristry.

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