платье для венчания фото

How to choose a dress for a wedding?

Nowadays, wedding fashion includes dozens of styles and models of colored dresses, stylish alternatives in the form of overalls and suits. But, besides the celebration itself, where people will celebrate and have fun, there is an important part – the wedding. So, what should be the dress for the wedding and are there any rules for choosing it – read on.

Where to choose a wedding dress?

Definitely in DreamDress! We have a wide range of different wedding dresses and outfits. And we also do not forget about traditions that do not imply strict restrictions, but open up new opportunities!

Basic rules of the wedding:

It is really important for the bride to personify modesty and restraint.

The girl should not forget about comfort, because the wedding ceremony is not so short, and she needs to be sure that she can easily stand it. It is advisable to avoid synthetics and too lush styles.

How long should it be?

Midi length is allowed, but it is better if the wedding dress is floor-length. These are the traditions, nothing can be done.

What color to choose?

Here, many people will guess that it is worth discarding bright and catchy shades and giving preference to more delicate pastel colors or white.

Do you need a train?

Optional. In this case, it is not prohibited, but you will only feel comfortable if you hire a personal assistant for it. After all, during the ceremony, you will need to walk in a circle, sit on your knees, and much more, and the train may get in the way.

Following these simple tips, you will be able to choose the perfect outfit. We are sure that you will feel the most delicate and beautiful in a wedding dress from DreamDress salon. By the way, our team of professionals will help you not only with the choice of dress, but also with shoes, hairstyle and makeup. So make an appointment with us right now by calling: +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888. We look forward to seeing our beautiful brides!