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How to pick up a wedding mermaid dress for different types of figures

One of the favorites of many brides is the mermaid wedding dress. The answer to why is obvious. This dress is flawless! It looks great on the figure. The tightly fitted fabric accentuates the chest, waist and hips, making the girl in it feel special and very feminine. In fact, this style has only one advantage, of course, except for the fact that not all body types will look so perfect on this dress. But this is not a problem either, because there are still many beautiful options that will help emphasize individuality ─ you can find them in the DreamDress salon. It is located in Kyiv at 23 Antonovycha Street, and there is also an online store for convenience, where you can see the full catalog of goods.

Who is suitable for a mermaid wedding dress

Without a doubt, it will look best on a proportional figure of the 90-60-90 type. If you have slightly different parameters, but really want to look like a mermaid, you can find several solutions.

Take, for example, the “pear” figure, which has wide hips, a rather expressive waist, and a relatively small chest. To make a mermaid wedding dress look harmonious, you need to emphasize the neckline. That is, either choose an off-the-shoulder dress, or add some drapery or lace to the bodice, or massive accessories. You should also consider a model with puffed sleeves.

The second case is when the waist does not stand out too much. In such situations, you need the fishtail to start above the knee.

If you have a different body type, don’t worry, and come to DreamDress salon to try on a mermaid wedding dress right away. We will find a solution that you will definitely like. To make an appointment, call one of the following numbers: +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888.