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Is a pink wedding dress short a little girl’s dream?

This article is intended, in particular, for those ladies who want to attend their wedding as a Disney princess. Or rather, for those whose dream is to wear a short pink wedding dress. If you choose a beautiful shade, the look will look very fresh and delicate, and this length will add some playfulness.

Moreover, we know that many girls have pink as their favorite color, so why should they deny themselves the pleasure of looking the way they really want on their big day?

What can be the obstacles to choosing a pink short wedding dress in pink color

Definitely, these are outdated guidelines that the image for the wedding celebration should be closed, modest and not impudent. DreamDress is in favor of moving away from the imposed rules and not being afraid of judgment and misunderstanding, because this is your holiday, and you decide what it will be like!

To make it easier for you to make a choice, we have prepared three variants of the image using a pink short wedding dress:

  • A lush model. It will serve for girls who may want to have a cartoon-style wedding.
  • Straight. This is for a more elegant look. It will be ideal if you choose a dress with a simple cut and a minimum amount of jewelry.
  • Mermaid. You will definitely not have the risk of blending in with the crowd. This is a choice for eccentric ladies.

We are confident that we have managed to dispel all your fictional myths and fears about a pink short wedding dress (if you had any), and if not completely, then we invite you to our salon at 23 Antonovycha Street. Don’t forget to call and make an appointment in advance so that we know for sure that we can pay you maximum attention: +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888.