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Mermaid wedding dresses: features and elements of cut

Mermaid wedding dresses are ideal for a woman who wants to feel special on her wedding day, but at the same time remains true to her personal style. Regardless of accessories and fabrics, the centerpiece of a mermaid wedding dress is a dramatic skirt and train that will make the bride’s entrance a showstopper. After all, this timeless silhouette with flared edges is not at all simple.

Why do mermaid wedding dresses attract absolutely all eyes?

Slim-fitting, sensual, incredibly feminine – mermaid wedding dresses are always in fashion. Why? Because they have something special that gives you confidence.

DreamDress salon has a huge variety of mermaid wedding dresses for every taste. So if you want to attract attention to yourself on your big day and enchant all the guests, then be sure to come to us for a fitting!

What cut features go with the mermaid dress silhouette

Mermaids have been fascinating people since the days of Disney’s Ariel. The magic emanating from the mysterious aquatic creatures is not limited to wedding fashion. As gracefully as a mermaid moves her fin across the ocean, you too can pass through the ranks of guests. The unusual design and sensual cut of the mermaid wedding dress will make you feel like a real fairy-tale beauty at this unforgettable moment.

DreamDress stylists know that not all mermaid wedding dresses are of the same cut, although you may think otherwise. Numerous products of designers differ in decor, neckline and sleeves, and each of them has its own charming look and fulfills its function. Let’s take an example.

  • Cutout in the back: all mermaid wedding dresses emphasize the curves of the figure especially well. That’s why some designers also rely on a deep neckline on the back, which is even more eye-catching. A matching train completes the overall picture. If you want to use such a neckline, you will need built-in cups or a fixing bra so as not to spoil the look.
  • Bows: if you want to emphasize your back in other ways, you can choose mermaid wedding dresses with a large bow on the bottom. They also emphasize the view behind and make the look more extravagant.
  • Straps: a classic mermaid wedding dress can be either with thin straps or with completely open shoulders. In the latter case, it is better to complement the look with accessories.
  • Lace: some mermaid wedding dresses are a little simpler and attract with elegant but restrained details that allow the shape and train to dominate. However, other mermaid wedding dresses use a lot of lace to make an even bigger impression.

And, of course, the train itself is another feature of a mermaid or fishtail wedding dress that helps to emphasize the bride’s movements. It can be simple or multi-layered, medium length or very long. Choose at your own discretion and start from how comfortable you are.

The choice of wedding dresses in DreamDress salon is great! Our consultants will help you create a romantic or playful look, even if you are short on time.

We are sure that every bride will find something to her taste.

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