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Not puffy wedding dress: how to pick up and where to find

A wedding is one of the most important, special and long-awaited days for every girl. At this fabulous moment, you want everything to be perfect! And a very important part for the bride is her outfit. Wearing a modern, not puffy wedding dress, the bride will definitely impress all the guests with her beauty and once again capture the heart of her chosen one.

How to choose the perfect non-puffy wedding dress

Choosing the dress of your dreams can be very difficult. You’ve probably never tried it on before and it’s probably going to be one of your most expensive purchases, so it can feel like a bit of a burden.

So how do you choose the right wedding dress that is not puffy?

Here are some tips that you should heed:

  1. Be sure to visit the DreamDress salon and try on several options of different cuts to determine exactly which silhouette suits your figure best. After all, you may want something more extravagant instead of a fluffy wedding dress!
  2. Check out some recent articles in fashion magazines and determine the general trends in wedding dresses this season, or you can ask us what’s in fashion now.
  3. Remember that size is not the main thing! The only thing that matters is how the dress will look on you, and we will definitely take care of this.
  4. Do not worry if your parameters change before the wedding, because we have the opportunity to hem it or sew a new one in our salon.
  5. And of course, decide what style you want your wedding to be: a cozy party somewhere outdoors or a formal celebration in a beautiful restaurant. Although, to tell the truth, not a fluffy wedding dress will suit any format.

But still, don’t forget, while looking at the gorgeous DreamDress outfits, that the venue should match your appearance.

Where to find a non-puffy wedding dress of your dreams

When choosing a wedding dress, it’s best to turn to the best professionals in this business – DreamDress salon. All our outfits are of exclusive quality, with unique details and fashionable elements. Not puffy wedding dresses are made exclusively in an elegant style and with beautiful trim.

A professional DreamDress consultant will be waiting for you at any convenient time and will help you create a complete dream look. So call us at +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888 and sign up!