черное свадебное платье фото

Original and modern: black wedding dresses for the bride

According to Ukrainian traditions, a bride’s outfit should be white. This rule arose because people used to believe that a light shade would protect a girl from the evil eye, and it also symbolized innocence and purity. But times and customs change, so it’s time to experiment. Nowadays, a future wife can get married in whatever she wants, and black wedding dresses are no exception. Each person sets their own rules, so listen to your heart and come to DreamDress salon for a high-quality and modern outfit.

You will find yourself in a real paradise for girls, because when you enter the room, you will see an incredible amount of stunning outfits for all possible holidays and in various desired shades and, of course, sizes.

Are black wedding dresses fashionable?

In fact, if you constantly chase fashion, you can lose your true self and your own taste. To prevent this from happening, rely on what you really like. For some people, black wedding dresses may not seem like the best choice, while others will think the opposite: “Wow! This is a real trend”. In this situation, the conclusion is this: you don’t need to please everyone, do it only for yourself.

If you have chosen this color, we will be happy to help you prepare a complete look. Since DreamDress is also an atelier, then, as you may have guessed, it will not be difficult for us to create a fantastically beautiful dress.

All you need is your desire, good mood and parameters, and everything else is the work of professionals.

Do you want to try on incredible black wedding dresses? Then make an appointment with us right now: +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888.