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Transformer wedding dresses: buy the best outfit in Ukraine

Transformer wedding dresses are a completely new and truly modern solution for a bride who wants to surprise her guests. In DreamDress salon, you will find many different models that come in sets and will make you feel like a spectacular lady.

Read on to find out why you should choose this outfit.

What are transformer wedding dresses?

There are many variations of this outfit. Such as:

  • Skirt with a top;
  • Short dress with a detachable long skirt;
  • Pants and top with a train;
  • With separate sleeves;
  • With a train that can be detached;
  • Greek-style dresses with a removable top. Usually, they come in a universal size.

In general, transformer wedding dresses are not only a fresh look at fashion. It is also a great way out of different situations. For example, when it is difficult to decide which dress to buy: with or without a train, long or short.

So, do you want to appear at your own wedding in a non-standard outfit? If you say yes, be sure to come to DreamDress salon and studio. Our stylists-consultants will create a stunning look for you, and will also select shoes and accessories.

Don’t hesitate, make an appointment for a fitting by calling one of the following numbers: +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888. We will be glad to become a part of your long-awaited celebration!