свадебные аксессуары для волос

Wedding accessories for the bride

On the one hand, the first thing we pay attention to when we see a bride from afar is her outfit, and on the other hand, when we are already a meter away from each other, we look closely at the details. A bride is always an object that you want to look at, because it takes days, months, sometimes even years to create her image.  Therefore, every element used to create the image plays an important role. Wedding accessories are especially important. DreamDress salon has unique models that are hard to look away from. Do you want to see and try them on? Then be sure to come to us: Kyiv, 23 Antonovycha St. Or order online.

What are the wedding accessories for the bride

To be honest, I can’t even list them all. But the most popular are tiaras, hairpins, twigs, combs. In general, everything that can be used on the hair.

Wedding accessories are the finishing touch to a bride’s look. If you miss this moment and look at the image as a whole, it will seem that something is missing. DreamDress salon has a lot of jewelry that can emphasize tenderness or, on the contrary, add attractiveness and femininity. We remind you that the assortment includes hair branches, dazzling tiaras with stones, hair combs and much more.

So don’t miss your chance! Come to us to try on and become the owner of the most charming wedding accessories. And if you haven’t decided on your look yet and are also in search of a dress and shoes, then you should come to visit us all the more. Sign up for a fitting right now: +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888. Stylists-consultants will be happy to help you put together all the puzzles in this story of preparing for marriage.