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Wedding dresses are not lush, but with a WOW effect! Where to buy?

If you intend to give up rich sparkling jewelry and many layers of material, then wedding dresses that are not puffy are ideal for you. However, a restrained dress style does not always mean boring. You can see this by looking at the models of the DreamDress salon. Some outfits, though no frills, have something special and magical about them!

Wedding dresses are not puffy: what are they?

Every girl preparing for marriage has a unique image of her wedding dress in her mind. Some imagine themselves wearing an elegant outfit that falls relaxed on their figure. Others in a minimalist dress without unnecessary decorations. And someone, on the contrary, in a lush graceful dress.

Most often, wedding dresses that are not puffy and ultra-feminine ㅡ fish, A-line, short models, as well as boho dresses are in great demand. As for the first option, they are different. It all depends on your desires.

What wedding dresses that are not puffy are in trend now

Especially for you, we have prepared a list of dresses that brides are most often looking for and that are popular today, so you can choose the best one for yourself!

  • Wedding dresses are not puffy in Boho style

With the growing popularity of events in the eponymous style, the popularity of this outfit has also increased. Boho dresses are often airy, delicate, with a relatively loose cut. They do not have a “million” layers of fabric or a rigid corset, so these dresses look very feminine and relaxed.

  • Elegant wedding dresses with long sleeves

Sleeves are a special detail of the dress, it not only gives the look a certain peculiarity, but also helps to hide skin defects.

  • Wedding dresses “fish”

A real hit in recent years. Such a dress can be simple and minimalistic or more expressive and spectacular. With it, you have every chance to become an unforgettable bride.

  • Minimalist wedding dresses like Meghan Markle’s

If you are looking for inspiration to choose one of the minimalistic but elegant wedding dresses that are not puffy, be sure to check out the photos from Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry. Her image has become an example of a new version of a modern princess who does not need to shout with her outfit to attract attention and introduce herself.

You can find and try on all the incredible wedding dresses that are not puffy in the DreamDress salon in Kyiv. We will be sincerely happy to help you create a complete look for your wedding.

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