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When is it appropriate to wear a wedding dress short?

Ancient wedding traditions say that the bride must wear a long dress. But do you know why this standard appeared for all women? The fact is that the amount of fabric used on a dress used to indicate the status and wealth of a girl’s family. That is, the longer the dress, the luckier her future husband was. Fortunately, nowadays, this is not an indicator for newlyweds, and therefore the bride chooses the outfit according to her preferences, for example, she wears an original short wedding dress to the ceremony. And by the way, she looks great in it. If you also dream of appearing in front of guests and your future husband in an unusual outfit, then we invite you to visit the DreamDress salon. Take our word for it, this is the best place to choose a wedding dress you could ever imagine.

Advantages of a short wedding dress

The fashion for a short wedding dress came not so long ago – approximately in the first half of the 20th century. It seems that it was then that women felt that it was time to bring changes to the world. And they were right, because extraordinary models really made a splash among future wives.

So, now let’s finally analyze what advantages a short wedding dress has and why beauties are increasingly interested in it.

Firstly, it is very comfortable and therefore perfect for an active wedding. Secondly, even if you choose a short wedding dress, you will have many different options, because you can choose both a fitted and a fluffy skirt. And thirdly, if you have beautiful legs, why not emphasize them? Moreover, DreamDress bridal salon has a huge number of stunning models for different body types.

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