свадебное платье на бретельках фото

Who is suitable for a wedding dress with open shoulders

Long, short, midi, fluffy, lace, simple – there are many types of off-the-shoulder wedding dresses. It’s easy to say that a bride looking for such an outfit has a huge choice. We don’t know if all bridal salons have the entire list, but at DreamDress, you will definitely find unsurpassed models. We will tell you more about the assortment below.

What type of figure will look best with an off-the-shoulder wedding dress

According to history, off-the-shoulder dresses became fashionable in the 50s. This style was created to focus attention on the neck, neckline and arms. In this way, the bride looked more feminine and romantic.

And now let’s define what kind of body type a girl should have to look incredibly beautiful in an off-the-shoulder wedding dress. In general, it suits almost all body types, with the exception of very short girls, because the bare top will make them look even shorter. Also, this outfit will not look good on ladies with wider arms. But still, don’t be upset if you don’t fall into this category, because stylists at DreamDress will quickly find a solution.

We have many unique models in different colors and styles, and we also have an atelier on site, so you can make an appointment for a fitting or come with your own idea without hesitation. We promise to sew the best off-the-shoulder wedding dress for you or offer you another design solution.

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