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A veil for the bride – is it even necessary?

Do you remember when you were a kid watching fairy tales on TV and they all ended with the words: “And they lived happily ever after”. But before that, they showed a wedding where a prince leads a princess to the altar, and an incredibly long veil and train from the dress stretch smoothly behind. Apparently, after watching it, many girls stood in front of the mirror, put on their mother’s dress, and took something on their heads that at least slightly resembled the bride’s veil. I wonder if you also dream of a similar wedding or do you want a simpler option? In any case, whatever you choose, DreamDress bridal salon will help you make all your dreams come true. We are ready to provide you with ready-made dress models, or we can sew an individual outfit, and we also have shoes and various accessories.

Veil for the bride – is it relevant?

Someone gets married every day, and the weddings are always different. Someone prefers to go out to the guests in a luxurious outfit that slightly resembles the very royal style from a fairy tale. Someone chooses the classics. And someone sees no point in buying a dress that will be worn only once (if you’re lucky☺), and therefore prefers an outfit that will be useful in everyday life. Of course, everyone on this planet has the right to choose. But if you are more inclined to the first or second option of the girls, then do not forget to add a bridal veil to the outfit. In this case, it is a certain symbol of marriage.

What is the veil for the bride

It can be completely different:

  • short;
  • medium;
  • very long.

You need to choose based on the model of the dress. If you don’t know what kind of veil you are looking for, then definitely come to DreamDress salon. Sign up for an individual fitting right now. Do it by calling: +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888. We will be glad to be a part of your special love celebration!