платье с открытыми плечами

Evening dress with open shoulders

Just imagine: on a warm summer evening, you go on a date with the man of your dreams and feel like a queen because you are wearing an off-the-shoulder evening dress by DreamDress! What do you get when you slightly expose this part of your body? First of all, you get admiration from both men and women. After all, as we know, many women also get aesthetic pleasure.

The most attractive parts of a woman’s body are her décolletage, neck, collarbones, and shoulders. They literally embody all femininity and grace.

That’s why many beauties like to go out in an off-the-shoulder evening dress. Once you put on such an outfit, you will never want to part with it for a long time.

Off-the-shoulder evening dress: what’s in fashion?

  • Thin spaghetti straps;
  • Tops with one open shoulder or an American neck;
  • Tops with a portrait neckline;
  • Straps that go down to the arms;
  • Open corset bodices of various shapes;
  • Asymmetrical tops with an emphasis on one shoulder.

Of course, this is not a complete list. But we will tell you the rest in person during the meeting.

We hope that the information in this article was useful and interesting to you so much that you wanted to make an appointment with our salon yourself. We know for sure that in DreamDress you will find the best off-the-shoulder evening dress at the most pleasant price!

Our team treats absolutely every visitor with genuine understanding and respect. And we also know that girls often want to add some uniqueness to their image, so among all the services we can also offer you individual tailoring.

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