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Black wedding dress: new classic or old mourning?

Black is associated with something magical and even somewhat mournful. That is why you rarely see a black wedding dress. Such an outfit can be worn by the bride, rather, at themed weddings. Nevertheless, black is still the color of elegance, sophistication and wealth. Therefore, a wedding dress in dark, night colors can be your highlight, which will gracefully emphasize all your features.

Advantages of a black wedding dress

As you know, color has a direct impact on human behavior. In this case, black symbolizes calmness, discipline and a serious attitude. For a woman, this shade personifies sexuality and femininity. A properly selected black wedding dress will only decorate the lady and show her in the right light at the event.

If we are talking about women as guests at a wedding, you can wear a black dress even if there is no dress code. There may be special rules for choosing an outfit, but the organizers warn about such cases in advance. To ensure that the guest’s outfit is not too gloomy, especially when the others’ clothes are lighter, the image is diluted with bright, but not colorful accessories.

Among the really noticeable advantages of a black wedding dress are the following:

  • Sophistication – these dresses of any style have a restrained and aristocratic look;
  • Practicality – dark-colored dresses are difficult to get dirty, so the outfit will retain its perfect appearance until the end of the holiday;
  • Courage – by choosing such a dress, the bride will show her independence from the opinions of others and a modern view of fashion;
  • Of course, originality – few people today choose a charcoal-colored dress.

A black wedding dress is exactly your choice if you are an extravagant person with a strong opinion. DreamDress salon will be happy to help you choose the perfect outfit for you! Make an appointment with us right now for a fitting so that our consultants can choose the perfect outfit for such an important event, taking into account your tastes. Get on the phone for the numbers +38 098 585 0088+38 097 585 8888, and then come to the address at a pre-arranged time: 23 Antonovycha St., Kyiv.