греческое свадебное платье

Greek wedding dress is a unique outfit

A Greek-style wedding dress is an elegant classic that is appropriate for any ceremony. Empire models – this is the second name of this type – conquer with their beauty and grace. The Greek wedding dress delicately hides flaws and successfully emphasizes the features of the waist. And you can buy it right now through the online catalog in the DreamDress wedding salon.

What features can be distinguished in a Greek wedding dress?

Most Greek wedding dresses are high-waisted, straight or slightly flared skirts with short sleeves and decorations on the bodice. Of course, in the modern version, these dresses have different variations: from strict to shocking. The main feature of empire models is a loose cut and drapery. That is why the slightest flaws will definitely be “under the mask”, and the silhouette will be perfectly emphasized.

Among the positive qualities that are inherent in Greek wedding dresses, the following indisputable facts can be distinguished:

  • Versatility. The outfit fits well into various wedding ceremony formats and is suitable for all girls, regardless of their build.
  • Laconicism. The simple cut is compensated by elegant dosed decor and luxurious fabrics. It is expensive fabrics with noble textures that give the outfit unobtrusive luxury and charm.
  • Comfort. Thanks to the comfortable cut, the bride feels confident, moves freely and can easily dance and participate in wedding interactive activities.
  • Femininity. The Empire style allows you to create a romantic and sophisticated image of a bride who wants to emphasize her grace, sensuality and tenderness.

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