оригинальное свадебное платье

Original wedding dress or classic?

Absolutely every girl dreams of looking stunning on the main holiday in her life, but, as many have already noticed, most try to add some variety to this day and, of course, an original wedding dress will be a great solution.

Where and how to choose an original wedding dress

DreamDress has an incredible line of wedding dresses that have no analogues.

Why you should choose us over any other salon:

  • Free delivery by Nova Poshta all over Ukraine, and if you are in Kyiv, then directly to your door by courier!
  • We do not try to sell faster and more expensive, but at the fitting we will help you to create a holistic and harmonious image so that you can feel the atmosphere of the holiday right at this stage;
  • We have no time limits, you can try on outfits all day long if you want. Just make an appointment in advance for a fitting.
  • We have a wide range of dresses: from minimalist to very lush.

And what about the originality of wedding dresses?

The best idea would be to stand out not only with color and texture, but also with a bold designer cut or ultra-modern trim.

A dress with a translucent skirt will look very unusual. For several seasons in a row, we have been following the trend of using translucent fabrics. Mostly, the illusion of naked skin is used to create an attractive neckline or the emphasis is shifted to the lower part of the dress, which makes the image bold and more seductive.

In the DreamDress salon you can learn more about the products. And with the help of caring consultants, you will have the opportunity to create the perfect harmonious look that will not only make you look incredible, but also feel 100%!

So make an appointment for a fitting as soon as possible +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888. We are located in Kyiv at 23 Antonovycha Street.