красное свадебное платье

The red wedding dress is the traditional attire of the Byzantine bride

Have you ever seen a bride wear a red wedding dress to a wedding? We’ve seen them many times and have made sure that girls who prefer such an interesting outfit have great taste.

Nowadays, this red dress is not a fashion novelty at all. The tradition of wearing it to weddings dates back to ancient Roman times. At that time, there was a belief that if you put on a bright red veil, you will have money and love.

Where to buy an original red wedding dress

Of course, in the DreamDress salon! We don’t believe in omens as much as we believe that every beauty has the right to decide what color her dress will be. If she wants red, then it should be so.

By the way, with the help of designer red wedding dresses that we make, girls will be able to emphasize their beauty and show their character.

What points to consider when choosing a red wedding dress

Red is a stylish color, but if you choose the wrong style and shade, the outfit will be too loud for such a traditional event. It is worth considering not only the appearance, but also the inner feelings of the bride, so an introverted girl is unlikely to wear a purely red wedding dress, but a white one with red inserts will do just fine! It will help her feel more comfortable and relaxed at her own celebration.

This color is so contrasting that even a white wedding dress with red or just red shoes worn under a white dress look self-sufficient and bright. A bride in this outfit should be prepared for increased attention from others.

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