классическое платье

Classic wedding dress or unusual? Photos of models

How do you prepare for the most desired day in every girl’s life? Of course, we are talking about the wedding! You need to choose a classic wedding dress or suit, shoes, hairstyle, and makeup. It seems like it takes half your energy. But if you choose DreamDress salon, you will save not only time, but also a lot of energy, believe me. After all, we have professional stylists who will do all of the above.

For years in a row, we have noticed that girls mostly choose a classic wedding dress. So in this article, we will talk about this particular model.

What are the main characteristics of a classic wedding dress?

Firstly, such outfits usually have a corset bodice. It can be completely different: completely fabric, with rhinestones, pearls, or decorated with crystals. The corset can be either a part of the dress or a separate accessory;

Secondly, the skirt. It can be fluffy, with a pronounced beginning, or a more straight cut.

A classic wedding dress may have sleeves. This point is especially relevant if the celebration takes place in a rather cold season.

As for the color, it should definitely be white. After all, this shade is the most classic option you can find. But now fashion designers offer a lot of classic wedding dresses in milky colors, such as ivory or champagne.

The DreamDress team dreams of making you feel special and welcome on your special day! Therefore, we made sure that your hair and makeup were done and shoes were chosen right at the fitting.

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