платье с рыбьим хвостом на свадьбу

Wedding dress in the style of “fish”. Is it possible to choose an outfit without trying it on?

Delicate and sophisticated, it is also popularly called a “mermaid dress” and is a very original and popular wedding dress. After all, what else can emphasize all femininity and grace so much?

Let’s get back to the main question: “Who exactly will fit dresses of this style and what should those who do not fit the description do?”

Definitely, a fishtail wedding dress will suit the owners of the hourglass figure, perfectly emphasizing the wasp waist and wide hips. We can assure you that you will catch admiring glances all evening long.

But what about those girls who dream of being a “mermaid” at the wedding, and their body type is far from “hourglass”? There is always a way out! Just choose a corset instead of a button-down dress, and by pulling it off correctly, you can perfectly emphasize your waist and get the perfect look.

Why a fishtail wedding dress?

It’s very simple! Just look at the bottom of the fishtail wedding dress, which resembles a fishtail, and you will fall in love right away!

The dress looks great both sleeveless and with a deep neckline, but it will look more mysterious if the dress has long sleeves and a lace back.

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