невеста под фатой фото

Inexpensive wedding dresses: how to choose a beautiful outfit

When choosing an outfit for a wedding, of course, you need to start from your budget. The DreamDress salon has dozens of ready-made models in different price categories, and they all have one thing in common – high quality. If we offer our clients inexpensive wedding dresses, it means that they are also made of durable and valuable fabric, but differ from the more expensive segment either by the amount of material used or the complexity of the design.

Do you want our stylists to help you make a choice or would you like to order a custom-made dress? Then contact us at +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888.

Inexpensive wedding dresses do not mean inferior!

Many girls think that if a dress is cheaper, then there is some kind of a catch. But why look for it in a place where it can’t even be close? Models at an inexpensive price may even look no different from those for which tens of thousands of dollars are asked. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully look through the catalog of wedding dresses and order the outfit you like. Alternatively, make an appointment for a fitting right away to significantly speed up the process of preparing for the long-awaited event.

What we can offer you: 

  • modern inexpensive wedding dresses in different shades;
  • different styles;
  • warm welcome;
  • professional stylist consultation;
  • selection of shoes and accessories to match the chosen outfit and many other perks.

Still thinking? Make an appointment for a fitting and come visit us. We are located in Kyiv at 23 Antonovycha St.