свадебное платье с рукавами фонариками

Who suits wedding dress with lantern sleeves

Fashion is changing so fast that it’s easy to doubt what’s relevant now. But one thing you should always be sure of is that a wedding dress with puff sleeves will never lose its popularity. The designers of DreamDress salon and studio also think so, and therefore they are happy to create new models with voluminous elements. We will tell you more about them in this article.

Wedding dress with lantern sleeves: interesting historical facts

Dresses with puffed sleeves first appeared in Europe back in the XII century. Back then, they were used to determine the status of a lady: the more puffed the sleeves and the more ornaments, the higher the status. Nowadays, no one will even remember this, because in modern times they are used only to decorate the design of a dress or to emphasize the arms. And you must admit, this look looks very stylish. Therefore, it is hard to ignore a wedding dress with puffs.

Who looks good in such outfits?

  • girls with a “pear” body type, where the hips dominate;
  • beauties who are lucky enough to have hourglass parameters;
  • if you have an indistinct waist (rectangle type).

As we have already mentioned, in the DreamDress salon, every bride can try on different dress options, including a wedding dress with puff sleeves. In addition, you can order the model of the dress you dream of. And all because we have our own atelier.

So put your doubts aside, sign up for a fitting and come to us: Kyiv, Antonovycha Street, 23. We will be glad to see you at our place! Call us by phone: +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888.