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What you need to know about mermaid wedding dress with sleeves

A mermaid wedding dress with sleeves is a very elegant and unusual outfit. Brides often fall in love with this silhouette when they see photos of models on the Internet or on the pages of a fashion magazine. But this cut can cause misunderstandings about who it suits best. It also raises many questions about the practicality of the dress. To find out, let’s take a closer look at it.

Mermaid wedding dress with sleeves: why is it so loved?

This outfit makes the image both quite closed and very seductive at the same time. The dress fits tightly in the chest, waist, and hips and widens to the hem in a so-called “fishtail” shape, adding the illusion of more curves. This shape draws close attention to the girl’s figure.

History of the mermaid wedding dress with sleeves

For the first time in the history of fashion, a dress with a skirt like a mermaid’s tail was presented by French designer Marcel Rocha in the 1930s. The couturier created his creation out of great love and respect for the smoothness and attractiveness of the curves of the female body. The mermaid dress was a favorite of Hollywood actresses of the 1950s, as it emphasized their sexuality and femininity. Over time, the fashionable cut won universal love among people. Also, manufacturers of the wedding industry could not ignore this type of clothing. It was in this way that mermaid wedding dresses with sleeves began to appear in salons and at ceremonies.

Who suits mermaid wedding dresses with sleeves

This dress emphasizes the bride’s waist. Therefore, this dress looks especially advantageous on girls with an hourglass figure. It is also suitable for those with a pear shape. But be careful if your shoulders are too narrow and your hips are too wide. In this case, choose a mermaid wedding dress with voluminous sleeves to balance the proportions.

For those with a wide waist or rounded figure, we advise you to choose this type of cut very carefully. A dress with cutouts at the waist or a pattern that will visually narrow the contours will suit you best, or you should take a closer look at other models.

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