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When you should choose short wedding dresses instead of long ones

Who says you have to wear a floor-length dress on your big day? Short wedding dresses can be just as appropriate as traditional long ones, and they are more popular now than ever before. DreamDress salon has an incredible number of options that you will definitely like. Let’s talk about them.

What are the short wedding dresses?

Let’s start with the most popular models – mini-dresses! This is the perfect choice for anyone who would like to show off their legs. Also, short wedding dresses include midi and ankle-length options. The latter are a great solution when a long wedding dress does not suit the place or type of ceremony.

As for midi dresses, they are now in great demand. And for good reason. Dresses and skirts of this length have long been popular in everyday fashion: they can be combined in different ways and presented beautifully in any style. By the way, at a wedding in the warm season, a midi skirt adds lightness to the bride’s image and creates a feminine silhouette.

Short wedding dresses have one more advantage: your shoes will always be in sight. By the way, you can buy various options for wedding shoes in our salon.

When is it better for a bride to wear a short wedding dress?

If you plan to have an outdoor wedding somewhere in nature, you can’t do without a short wedding dress. Firstly, it will be comfortable, and secondly, you won’t stain the hem.
For those brides who do not want to deal with a long train, a short wedding dress is the best solution. Despite the fact that it is not in the traditional form, such an outfit still looks elegant.

Short models are perfect for girls who want a small, private ceremony in a narrow circle of loved ones. And for the beauty who can’t deny herself a long dress, midi and mini dresses will be a great substitute for evening dancing or a coastal walk at the end of the evening barefoot.

If your choice fell on short wedding dresses, then by all means contact DreamDress salon. In case nothing suits you, we will be happy to sew an individual outfit. Sign up for a fitting right now by calling +38 098 585 0088, +38 097 585 8888 and come whenever it’s convenient for you!